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purposes & targets

Cruise Ship Bartender

  • Cruise Ships,
  • Worldwide


    • To provide guests with courteous and professional service.
    • To increase revenue for the company and self by applying up-selling techniques.
    • To meet sales targets as prescribed by the company.


    • Mixes drinks, cocktails, and bar beverages as ordered and in compliance with Company standards.
    • Is responsible for properly filling orders placed by bar waiters/waitresses and doing so in a prompt and efficient manner.
    • Maintains clean and orderly lounges / bars and follows the IE Lounge Responsibilities Guide.
    • Is responsible for beverage costs & stock in his/her area. End of cruise inventories shall be conducted (Checking Par Levels with Asst. Bar Manager) and further spot checks may occur throughout all bars at any given time.
    • Prepares requisitions for supplies based on the bars set par level using the empty for full replacement system.
    • Ensures proper rotation of stock (First In – First Out).
    • Ensures that the bar has a copy of the daily “Island Chat”.
    • Knows the daily specials and special promotions.
    • Greets guests when they enter the lounge / bar
    • Knows his/her bar menu well and is able to explain and suggest drinks.
    • Provides personalized service (remembers guests names and preferences).
    • Helps in bringing the stock up to various bars, when necessary
    • Helps in the Stores during Loading
    • Attends weekly bar staff meetings and training sessions, as required.
    • Works at special parties (Repeaters Party etc) and private functions.
    • General cleaning and maintenance according to U.S.P.H. standards.
    • Handles all ship equipment with utmost care and reports any faulty/broken equipment.
    • Assists management with coaching and introduction of new personnel.
    • Personal hygiene and appearance – Uniforms must be clean and ironed at all times – You must always wear your name tag and Palm pin. – Showers at least twice a day – Hair must be neat, well-groomed and above the collar for all male personnel. Beards and mustaches are not permitted in the Bar. Sideburns should not be lower than the ear lobe – For female personnel hair must be kept neatly away from the face. Ladies who need to tie their hair back should wear a dark colored scrunch – Makeup should be tasteful and no visible tattoos. (i.e. hand, arm, neck and leg) – No earrings are allowed for male employees and personal jewelry should be kept to a Minimum. Ladies may wear tasteful and small earrings, and one ring maximum per hand – All shoes are to be enclosed at the toe and heel. Ladies heels are to be no higher than 1 inch
    • Performs all other duties as requested by supervisors.



    • Participates in safety drills according to instructions.
    • Participates in the In Port Manning Schedule assigned by the Bar Manager
    • Complies with Island Cruises safety and pollution prevention regulations and operating procedures
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