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Cruise Ship Electronic Technician

  • Cruise Ships,
  • Worldwide


Tasks and responsibility will be given individually based on level of skill.



    • Assist Chief Electronic Engineer, Electronic Engineer and IT Officer in daily duties, plus the responsibility in daily checks of assigned systems and Work-Orders addressed to Electronic Department; 
    • Shall have a full understanding of the Safety Management System, incl. his responsibilities in the Safety Organization as per the Emergency Plan. 


    • Assist in the maintenance, troubleshooting and repair related to the various electronic systems throughout the ship, e.g. Fire System, PA System, Phone System, Audio/Video systems, cabling issues, IT systems, Dimmer System, Sound and Light Systems, Caretaker System, UHF Radio System, Copy Machines, TV/Radio System, etc.
    • In charge of maintenance and troubleshooting on the following: Sound Powered System, Talkback System, Low Location Light System, Master Clock System, Telephones, UHF Radios, UPS in electronic systems, Trap Alarm system, Electronic Safes, etc.;
    • Assist residents and guest in troubleshooting their apartment electronic systems;
    • Support Electrical Dep. in troubleshooting faulty electronic cards in electrical systems.


    • Pick up Work Orders for Electronic Dep. in ECR every day and respond accordingly.
    • plit 24 hours on-call duty with Electronic Engineer.

Planned Maintenance System

    • Keep the AMOS-W up to date with regards to onboard stock (In/Out) and general stock control for electronic stores.

Special Assignment

    • Cleaning of workshops, offices and storerooms.


    • Knowledge of the following:  Broadcast System, External Communication System, Bridge Systems, Machinery Systems, Safe System;
    • Experienced in electronic systems, and able to repair and troubleshoot independently;
    • Willing to learn technical systems and a general interest in electronic/computer/ communication systems;
    • Adequate written and spoken English to maintain contact with Residents & Guests.


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