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purposes & targets


  • Yachts,
  • Fort Lauderdale, FL
Job Responsibilities:

* Cleanliness of the yacht, i.e. wash downs, stainless polishing, waxing
* Safety in the engine room
* Cleanliness and maintenance in the engine room
* Assisting Bosun and Mate in maintenance projects, i.e. sanding and taping up for varnishing or painting, caulking, filling
*Assisting the Chief Engineer with projects
* Continued learning of yacht maintenance, operations and systems, i.e. line handling, tender driving, navigation, safety, water sports
* Increasing knowledge of all systems on board
* Continued education and licensing

Job Required Skills:

* Hard work ethic
* Positive attitude
* Teamwork and multitasking
* Ability to learn on the job
* Ability to take direction
* Professional appearance

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