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Hand-pulled Noodles

  • Cruise Ships,
  • Worldwide


Chinese noodle master chief to make our special hand-pulled noodles


    • Deep understanding the features of wheat, dough and noodles
    • Responsible to preparing dough for noodles
    • Being able to make beef broth for noodles
    • Being able to make different size and shape of noodles (such as: MoXi, Xi, ThreeXi, TwoXi, JoYe, Kuan and DaKuan) as well as customers’ requirements


    • Having more than 5 years related experience on professional hand-pulled noodles
    • Having professional hand-pulled noodles skills
    • Holding the certificate in hand-pulled noodles chef
    • Having Minimum high school degree
    • Ability to communication in English and ability to communicate in Mandarin is desirable
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